The good stuff!

You can have a great caption and create curiosity but what are you delivering?

This is where it gets a little tricky sometimes because it might feel obvious to you, but I'm telling you SOMEONE is going to benefit from what you have to say!

I can guarantee you are better at something than someone else, you can solve someone's problem somehow, somewhere, some way!

Think of problems related to your niche or interests and what you know about them.

If there is a problem YOU personally have struggled with, dealt with, and found the answers to, that is a great place to start!

I'll be honest, I am not terribly good with makeup. I know how to do certain things, but I am not the expert and I really don't aspire to be. What I aspired to be with my skincare and makeup is comfortable in my own skin. There will always be imperfections but I like putting the best face forward I can and I don't like to fuss too much. I don't do my hair. Basically ever.

So if you know how to do those things and people are like wow! Love your hair! And you sell hair products. Start with that!

If I saw something like "how to create long-lasting big, soft curls without a ton of effort" I'd be all-in!

Maybe "2-minute contouring for dummies" or "the art of blush" because I'm a fairly 1-2-3 girl. If it takes more steps than that I'm out. If it's artificial I'm usually out. But that's me!

These are things I will be researching later on, after my daughter is probably mobile but also still napping 3 hours a day. I don't have time for that right now haha.

Get it? So even if you think every girl knows how to do that! I don't! Teach me!


Research everything you can in a reasonable amount of time to either reaffirm that the information you think you know is correct or learn something related to your niche and interests that you would want to create information around.

When I dove into attraction marketing it was because I was watching this one woman in particular in my company doing something totally unrelated to the company and I was enthralled. She was doing something different but still highlighting the products in a way that was unique, she was solving peoples problems, selling her own course (surrounded by that problem) while featuring items in the company. And I was like wait...

So I went down the rabbit hole and found out everything I could find out about this method and here we are.

Who do you admire? Aspire to be? What problems are they solving for you and why?

Write a little description of your idea! Or a starting point!

If you're unsure about your idea, why? If it's uncomfortable to you now, make sure it fits you!

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