What to expect in this course

Attraction Marketing Definition:

I’ll be using my definition since that is how best I understand it:

It is attracting your perfect prospect to you through...

  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Interacting
  • Content Creation
  • Creating ”Freebies”
  • Showing up on Social Media the “right way”

It is NOT...

  • Creating Groups and Business Pages and randomly inviting people to like them
  • Spamming your product or opportunity in your stories and on your page
  • Cold Messaging with no real purpose.
  • Simply chatting up strangers to create a warm market.
  • Spamming your warm market like crazy.

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In this course you will...

Get guided action steps.

  1. Community support.
  2. Knowledgable insights.
  3. And much more!

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